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Marketing, Technology and Social Media Coordinator

This role can be shared among 2-3 members


  • To develop, implement and review the Toy Library’s Marketing Strategy in promoting the Toy Library to families and children’s service providers within the local area.
  • To have an active online presence is an important tool for communicating with our members and the public. We need to provide positive, well presented, engaging and creative content.  As these are public sites they are to be used to increase the profile and patronage of the toy library and engage a more diverse target audience.
  • To ensure technology is current and in good working order.

Key tasks & responsibilities

  • Ensure annual listing correct in online directories, Council database, websites, publications, and on the Toy Libraries Australia website.
  • Review Townsville Toy Library’s website, checking links regularly.
  • Maintain supplies of posters and leaflets making any changes with Committee approval.
  • Distribute posters and leaflets to all family and children’s services in the local area, checking supplies regularly, in particular at Maternal and Child Health Centres, kindergartens, daycares, community information centres, swimming lesson pools and Libraries.
  • Organise & book permits to erect real estate agent advertising boards around Townsville Council area with appropriate Toy Library advertising when necessary.
  • Pursue press coverage for any events of interest to the general public concerning the Toy Library.
  • Undertake a survey of members regularly to ensure that the Toy Library service offered remains relevant.
  • Explore new ways of promoting the Toy Library.
  • Collaborate with other family organisations to promote Townsville Toy Library through organising or sponsoring educational talks for parents.
  • Send out a publicity package at the start of every year to IMPS, Maternity and Birth Centre promoting the Toy Library.
  • Participate in Committee decision-making and voting
  • To coordinate and implement new hardware and software within the Toy Library.
  • Maintain online accounts linked to the Toy Library including domain name and hosting renewals (can outsource this role to a more experienced person).
  • Annually review & update who has access to accounts.
  • Update passwords regularly.
  • Review website half yearly and update when required.
  • Provide maintenance and guidance for technical issues and liaise with the Committee on solutions.
  • Provide a short progress update for committee meetings (attendance not essential).


  • Marketing folder in Dropbox
  • Website password
  • MailChimp password
  • Facebook and Instagram passwords

Contact Person For

  • Marketing & Advertising

Desirable Skills

  • Creative
  • Letter writing
  • Good grasp of technology
  • Basic graphic design ability
  • Enthusiasm
  • Good listener and a team player
  • Friendly and social attitude
  • Knowledge & understanding of computer systems
  • Knowledge & understanding of word press webpage design
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