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To perform the role of President as set out in The Constitution to assist the Committee to operate effectively and efficiently in order to achieve its Mission:

  • To support families and encourage togetherness with quality time spent playing with children.
  • To provide educational opportunities for children through play.
  • To provide access for families to a wide range of toys that have been designed to support a child’s skill development and imagination at an affordable cost.
  • To provide educational, therapeutic, creative, sense-stimulating toys to assist children with special needs to overcome physical, emotional and social disabilities.
  • To help parents and carers learn about the ages and stages of child development.
  • To engage and support local families and encourage community involvement.

Key tasks and responsibilities

  • Liaise with key people on past Committee to be fully informed on history of issues and to maintain continuity.
  • Liaise with the, the Secretary and the Treasurer to ensure that the Toy Library’s responsibilities, as set out in The Constitution, are met.
  • Provide leadership, motivation and vision, and ensure Committee objectives are met.
  • Facilitate and chair Committee meetings, Annual General Meeting and Special General Meetings by ensuring the agenda is followed, the meetings run smoothly and on track, members are equally involved in decision making and that all members feel welcome and able to participate.
  • Write the Annual Report of the Committee for Committee approval to be read at the Annual General Meeting.
  • Ensure that the Committee always considers the Mission Statement when making any important decisions or policy development.
  • Be a sounding board for the Committee members and support and encourage them in their roles.
  • Ensure that the Committee familiarise themselves with information from Toy Libraries Australia relating to best practice on all issues and attend as many functions as possible to network with other Toy Libraries.
  • Ensure Committee members know and fulfil their roles.
  • Represent the Toy Library at official functions as required.
  • Work closely with key stakeholders to achieve the goals and mission of the Toy Library.
  • Participate in Committee decision-making and voting.

Desirable Skills

  • Managing a team
  • Able to delegate
  • Good communicator
  • Experience of basic software
  • Leadership & organisational skills
  • Experience in a toy library setting.
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