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To perform the role of Treasurer as set out in The Constitution, and to provide accurate financial management.

Key tasks & responsibilities

  • Liaise with the President and Secretary to ensure that the responsibilities of the Treasurer, as set out in The Constitution, are met.
  • Liaise regularly with President on the financial situation of the Toy Library.
  • Liaise regularly with Party Hire Coordinator, Memberships Coordinator and Toy Coordinator to ensure they can complete their work regarding confirmation of payments, refunds and available monies for purchases.
  • Prepare budgets as required by the Committee.
  • Provide a financial statement showing all in-coming and outgoing monies, including bank balance reconciliation; and comparison of the results with the approved budget, to monthly Committee meetings, together with copies of all current bank statements.
  • Ensure all transactions, such as party hire deposit refunds and bill payments, are performed expeditiously, accurately and with the highest level of professionalism.
  • Prepare budget and financial statements for inclusion in council grant submission and any other funding submissions.
  • Present annual financial statement at AGM.
  • Arrange for audit of annual accounts if required by the Committee, including obtaining quotes and preparing records and financial statements.
  • Be an account signatory.
  • Prepare monthly financial updates.
  • Participate in Committee decision-making and voting.


  • Account signatory
  • MYOB

Contact Person For

Financial Statements

Desirable Skills

  • Report writing
  • Finance management/book keeping
  • Experience of online software
  • Team player
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