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Toy Library Volunteer Training Coordinator

Position Description

A competent, pleasant and outgoing volunteer who can recruit and manage Townsville Toy Library volunteers. You will be responsible for recruiting new volunteers, organising and running regular orientation and training for new volunteers, and nurturing and supporting volunteers in order to inspire and retain them.

A background in staff training would be helpful, as would a motivated, enthusiastic nature and organisational skills. You must possess the ability to communicate with people from diverse backgrounds and experience levels. Empathy is a must, as our cohort of volunteers is made up of mums of babies and young children, and sleep-deprivation, mental load and overwhelm can mean they need understanding, encouragement and emotional support.

We want our volunteers to feel valued and cared-about and that the Toy Library volunteer community is their village. Acknowledging birthdays, knowing children’s names and organising social events will be part of your role.

The goal is that our organisation is always staffed with the best and most reliable individuals who can competently fulfil their duties at the toy library.


  • Running regular orientation sessions to welcome and introduce new volunteers to Townsville Toy Library operations.
  • Training all volunteers as appropriate, including when procedures or technology changes as well as in customer service skills, attention to detail (eg making notes on files and counting pieces) and firmly yet kindly advising of fees and ensuring their payment.
  • Composing a volunteer training manual, including a section for lead volunteers, to be able to add to the Townsville Toy Library Policies and Procedures Handbook.
  • Liaising with Rostering officers when appropriate to ensure volunteers are happy yet rosters are filled to meet TTL requirements.
  • Inspire volunteers to love the toy library!
  • Collecting information on availabilities and skills to make best use of volunteers.
  • Assigning responsibilities to the right people for special events.
  • Communicating frequently with volunteers to ensure they are satisfied and well-placed. You will be the person they come to if they have any issues.
  • Disseminating information for upcoming actions and events.
  • Ensuring the purpose of the Townsville Toy Library and its actions is clearly communicated.
  • Organising social events to connect and thank volunteers, including a Volunteer thank you event, celebrating Volunteer Week in May, and other smaller playdates throughout the year at your discretion such as coffee at TL sessions, stay and play after TL sessions.
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