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Working on the committee is rewarding and offers all members the chance to contribute their knowledge, enthusiasm, experience and ideas to shape the Townsville Toy Library operations and future direction.

We are a not-for-profit incorporated association, owned by the members. This means that the membership elects a voluntary Committee of Management annually to govern all toy library operations. Our committee come from all areas of the community with a diverse group of skills and interests with the main desire to improve the Townsville Toy Library service for all. Below you will find the role responsibilities and our current committee.

If you think you have time or skills to contribute, please consider joining us!

Time Commitment

We realise that everyone is busy with family, work etc., so we only meet about 8 times per year for around 2 hours in the afternoon at the Library, usually on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

The amount of time beyond this depends on the role you want to do, but smaller roles generally a few hours per month, larger roles can usually be completed in a few hours per week. We welcome any assistance you can provide!

Skilled members make up an important part of our Toy Library operations and have a position description. These roles are not committee roles and as such will not be elected. The Skilled Members assist with some of the operational aspects of the toy library. These roles do not require meeting attendance and instead a short progress update can be emailed to the secretary prior to the meetings. However if you would like to attend meetings you are more than welcome to.

Don’t be shy! Come along to the next committee meeting, or speak to our president, to find out more about how you can make a difference in your successful, not-for-profit community organisation.

Committee Member Benefits

  • Free toy library membership
  • Free jumping castle and party hire
  • Out of hours borrowing and returns
  • First access to new toys
  • Influence the direction of the toy library
  • The reward of working with and helping the community
  • Being part of an organisation that has run on volunteer power for 40 years
  • Assist your professional development and networking opportunities
  • Achieve Activity Hours to increase your Child Care Subsidy!

2022-2023 Committee Goals

GOAL 1: Finding an appropriate permanent facility

  • Provide ideal space for community to connect
  • Work with Townsville community
  • Create an ideal building plan

GOAL 2: Sustainable Memberships

  • Increase age range of toys to 12 years old
  • Change perception that we only have baby toys
  • Understanding why members leave – create an exit survey
  • Build closer relationships with members to sustain volunteers

GOAL 3: Increase inclusivity of our community

  • Work with indigenous community groups
  • Work with specialised groups
  • Build relationships with current members of minority groups – social awareness, be mindful of the needs of our members
  • Purchase toys for specific groups

GOAL 4: Financial Sustainability

  • Party hire – explore ways to streamline and maintain revenue all year. Increase assistance in this area.
  • Create a Budget – future projections, how much we need, budget for 50% of membership revenue to be spent on new toys
  • Grants – find somebody to help write grants, find grants to help with financial sustainability
  • Fundraising – explore options and viability

GOAL 5: Maintaining Committee

  • Create succession plans
  • Create retention plans
  • Ensure members are not overloaded with work and or personal circumstances
  • Create an environment where people want to join. Social experience. Personal and professional growth opportunities.

Management Committee 2022-2023

View detailed descriptions of each of our committee roles >

Office Bearers

President: Nikki Dunne

Vice President: Sue Gardner

Secretary: Alex Price

Treasurer: Stacey Prenter

General Committee

Memberships Coordinator: Jane Newman

Toy Coordinator: Nikki Dunne

Party Hire Coordinator: Brittany Swash

Volunteer Training Coordinator: Marlene Meerwood

Marketing and Social Media Coordinator: Marion McKenzie

General Committee Member: Melissa Beeton

Skilled Members

(not part of Management Committee and do not have to be nominated to the positions)

Volunteer Rosters Officer: POSITION VACANT

Party Hire Assistants: MORE HELP NEEDED!

Toys Assistant: Emily Stone

Technology Coordinator: Belinda Barattucci

Newsletter Editor: Melissa Beeton

Events Coordinator: POSITION VACANT

Grants Officer: Alex Price

Past Committee

Were you on a past committee of the Townsville Toy Library? We’re currently collating a list of all of our past committee members for our historical records and to show our gratitude over the years. Please contact us if you don’t see your name on our list.

View past committees >

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